Volo - Ace

Volo - Ace

A liquid whip of a buggy, as nimble as the best on the court the Maclaren Ace descends from a long line of champion strollers. Inspired by the Grand Slam tournaments, the Ace serves-up customized tennis detailing from perforated white leather handles and yellow terry cloth seat liner to the subtle placements of tennis graphics. The Ace comes complete with coordinating accessories, including printed raincover and pouch, cozy seat liner, storage bag and buggy ID tag. Special Edition strollers will be sold in key tournament host cities including Sydney, Paris, London, New York and Beijing -- each adorned with an engraved metal plaque. Smart product for active parents, the Maclaren Ace is the rising star of the tour.

    375.00 € EUR (VAT Included)

    375.00 €

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